Exclusive products

The grocery store “Esentai Gourmet” offers you every day to go to a magical gastronomic journey, discover new and unique flavors and learn the culture of food and traditions of different countries.

We suggest to start your journey with the confectionery department of the grocery store, where is a wide choice of the best sweets from Italy, England, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Germany! There is a wide choice of the world-famous Belgian handmade chocolates Neuhaus, which is on sale in such famous department stores as “Harrods”, “Lafayette” and “KaDeWe”.

There is a wide choice of chocolate and Vannucci candy (Italy), created through the most authentic traditions of Perugia and made a conquest of true gourmets all over the world. Vannucci candy is a small work of art, amazing in taste and chocolate presentation beauty.


Guests of “Esentai Gourmet” will appreciate the variety of Italian chocolate, caramels, truffles and Leone marmalade, which is one of the oldest brands in Italy. You can buy these delicious sweets in our grocery store both in gift boxes, and by weight.

For those, who appreciate not only the taste, but also the originality, the company Lauden offers English chocolate with exclusive fillings and handmade design. This chocolate will submerge you in a heavenly atmosphere of the English Garden with tastes of fresh mint, raspberry and rose, black and red currants, and many other unique flavors! And cup of Teapigs tea, such as “English breakfast” – a mixture of three delicious teas, grown on the plantations of Assam, Ceylon and distant Rwanda, presenting you harmonious and pungent malty flavor, will help you to support the atmosphere of an English tea-party.

A large variety of cheese, whether it is the gentlest cheese of the world – Mozzarella and the king of Italian cheese – Parmesan, or cheese of Gorgonzola blue blood, will help you to feel the spirit of sunny Italy.


When you continue to get acquainted with gastronomic traditions of Italy, be sure to try the famous Parma ham, which is characterized by a delicate sweetish taste, intensive flavor and low calorie.

In the delicatessen department you will also find a real Iberian ham - a national treasure of the country of sweet wine and gentle sun. This delicacy is amazingly combined with melon. At first glance - a strange and dubious combination, but all, who have tried it, agree that it is a pure bliss for gourmets - a unique and unusual taste. The combination of sweet melon and salty ham will generate a lot of new gastronomic emotions.


When speaking of gastronomic emotions, the first thing that comes to mind is France, a country, where you cannot picture a morning without a cup of coffee with hot and soft croissant. The fragrant fancy croissants and French baguettes, baked with care by our bakers every morning, will help you to enter into a romantic spirit of the true French morning. If you like hot bread with a crispy crust and you can find 20 minutes, and then for your especial benefit we bake fresh rolls, croissants, donuts and other bakery products.



When getting to know the gastronomic traditions of France, we recommend you to visit our fish section. In fact, France is the leader in the consumption of oysters. Namely, the professional chef consultant will be able to show and serve this beloved French delicacy in the fish department of “Esentai Gourmet”. Enjoy a nice serving of oysters in ice with a slice of juicy lemon.


Our experienced cavistes, who can not only advise, but also to give a fascinating tour around the countries, tastes, serving and combinations of drinks with different products, disclose interesting facts about the production’s traditions and history of the best wineries and famous homes, will help you to match the perfect pair to oysters or deli meat. The uniqueness of the wine room of “Esentai Gourmet” lies in the fact that it has always supported the ideal wine storage temperature - 13 degrees.

You can feel yourself like an inhabitant of paradise Tropical Island at any time of the year if you only look into the fruit and vegetable department, where you will always find a juicy mangostan, elegant dragon fruit, amazing passion fruit and many other exotic fruits and berries.

Thanks to wide range of vegetables each housewife can surprise her guests with the daintiest dishes of the cuisine of Europe, Asia, South America and even Africa. In the department you can always find the elegant mini-vegetables, artichokes, all kinds of tomatoes, as well as the best seasonal vegetables from the farmers of Kazakhstan, grown in unpolluted area of our country.

Special mention should be made of the dairy department of our grocery store. Each careful mother knows and understands the importance and benefit of use of domestic dairy products, but you cannot always be sure of the quality of such products. Only “Esentai Gourmet” has its own certified laboratory, where all dairy products are examined under the tactful guidance of veterinarian.


There is a wide choice of luxury toys for children in “Esentai Gourmet”. The stunning beauty of toys, many of which are collectible, will appeal to children of all ages, and thanks to the superior quality will last for a long time.


A wide range of cosmetics, household chemicals and tableware, textile and interior items proposed in the non-food department is the distinctive excellence of our grocery store. In the grocery store there are also the lines of the European cosmetic brands such as Grace Cole (England), Korres (Greece), Lancaster (Monaco), Japan Gals (Japan), Rene Furterer (France).